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Rediscover amber: modern amber jewelry from Lithuania

About amber

Rediscover amber: modern amber jewelry from Lithuania

Amber, long considered Lithuania’s gold, is of significant value, having formed over thousands of years – in the depths of the sea. This mineral, created from fossilized pine resins, can be found in the Baltic sea and may be as old as 40-60 million years.

Historically, amber was often seen as a luxury item, especially in Eastern countries where it was more valuable than silver and gold combined. Due to the special characteristics of the Baltic sea to cast amber on shore, it was/ became easy to access, but still very unique. Today, amber is being rediscovered and given new life.

The uniqueness of amber & the allure of genuine Baltic amber jewelry

Natural amber is fragile and must be handled with care. When its thin crust is polished off, it reveals a beautiful palette of 7 primary colors and up to 300 shades! The most common are yellow amber or light yellow amber, with one of the rarest colors being white.

White amber, also known as “royal Baltic amber” or “bone Baltic amber,” is starkly different from black Baltic amber. Sometimes black amber contains only 10–15 % resin, with the rest being impurities, making it not entirely transparent.

Amber changes color when heated, turning transparent amber into a rich red. However, amber isn’t always monochromatic. Unique combinations of two or more colors and shades with different patterns can be found. This variety of colors and patterns adds exceptional charm and versatility to amber jewelry.

Amber brought to new life: Lithuanian amber jewelry

Amber has always been an excellent material for handmade amber jewelry. Traditional genuine amber jewelry products were bulkier and heavier. Today amber is revitalized and, with the help of new processing technologies, gets a completely different – modern look. Also, the vast variety of different amber (e.g., cherry amber, black cherry amber) turns the process into a magnificent creative adventure.

A new and modern approach to amber jewelry—one of MONDRI core values. All jewelry is made and designed in Lithuania, with every detail carefully considered. Precious metal (e.g., silver and amber jewelry, amber and gold vermeil jewelry) combined with meticulously selected Baltic amber stone make a duo of lasting value.

Amber is used to create amber earrings, amber bracelets, amber necklaces, bead necklaces, pendants, and other amber jewelry pieces. Now, unique amber jewelry products can be part of everyone’s collection as well as a unique jewelry gift for someone special.

MONDRI: real Baltic amber jewelry

MONDRI has revealed the distinct beauty of Baltic amber in various unique amber jewelry collections. The classic yellow color can be found in the LEMON and LUXURY AMBER collections. The LEMON AMBER collection adds warmth and playfulness, while the LUXURY AMBER collection offers a sense of luxury and exclusivity. Red amber (also known as “cherry amber” or “Baltic cherry amber”) is found in the CHERRY AMBER collection, with its enticing and luxurious deep red amber (“dark cherry amber”) color designed for creating unforgettable and elegant festive cherry amber jewelry sets.

The GEOMETRIC AMBER collection, showcasing various patterns and different shades, complements every woman’s unique style. White amber, symbolizing refinement and subtlety, is featured in the WHITE AMBER collection.

The cozy BLACK AMBER collection’s matte-textured black amber jewelry brings comfort and warmth. From cherry Baltic amber to the BLISS AMBER collection that will charm everyone for whom natural amber is not close to heart. These Baltic amber jewelry pieces are made from faceted amber, whose special processing creates a special sparkle and is completely unlike the natural amber jewelry commonly imagined by everyone.

Although all the Baltic amber jewelry pieces in the MONDRI collection are different, they are all united by uniqueness and minimalism. Many amber jewelry pieces can be mixed and matched to create new and unexpected combinations. You can even change the length of some of the jewelry! For example, an adjustable-length amber necklace can be worn long or wrapped twice for a shorter accessory.

MONDRI uses amber to create modern, lasting value, handmade amber jewelry. As amber jewelry represents Lithuania, they can become unique gifts for business partners, clients, or guests.

We hope that our modern jewelry will inspire you to rediscover amber anew.

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