Pradžia   /  Sustainability

The concept of sustainability jewelry

One of MONDRI’s goals is to create sustainable minimal jewelry that has enduring value, is universal, and thus contributes to the idea of reducing consumption. Following sustainability principles, we work only with responsible amber suppliers, and in making various pieces of universal jewelry, we think about how each piece of amber can be used most optimally across our authentic amber jewelry collections.

Mix and match

In line with the concept of reducing consumption, MONDRI offers stacking jewelry and layering jewelry pieces that can be combined and layered together. This jewelry layering approach makes MONDRI women’s amber jewelry offering even more attractive, especially for those seeking more variety in their wardrobe. Owning multiple MONDRI pieces enables effortless mix and match jewelry options, allowing you to craft unique combinations for diverse looks and occasions. This versatility reduces the need for an extensive accessory collection. Simultaneously, it helps you explore and define your distinct amber jewelry style.

Thoughtful design

Not chasing the ever-changing fashion trends, we create timeless jewelry, independent of a woman’s age or style. A subtle and universal handmade amber jewelry design can adorn both a young girl and a mature woman. The secret of MONDRI Baltic amber jewelry lies in its well-considered minimalist jewelry design, which delicately integrates into various looks.

A different approach to jewelry

With our high-quality amber jewelry, we include special care cloths and care instructions to ensure your chosen fine amber jewelry piece adorns for as long as possible. We also offer authentic amber jewelry repair and renewal services. In packaging our handmade amber jewelry for shipment, we also aim to support the idea of sustainability, hence you will never find unnecessary plastic in our packages, which we always strive to use as little as possible. MONDRI’s goal is to pursue high quality and change the perspective on modern jewelry. A few, quality, coordinating accessories could be all you need to create your style.