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Jewelry care

How to care for MONDRI jewelry?

1. Jewelry can get scratched when it comes into contact with other pieces or surfaces, so we recommend storing pieces separately from one another. Jewelry made from different precious metals should be kept apart.
2. Silver and gold-plated jewelry that is not worn can lose its shine or become oxidized. Do not store jewelry in damp places (such as in the bathroom).
3. Natural amber is a fragile mineral that can chip, crack, or break if knocked or squeezed, so protect amber from strong impacts.
4. Before putting on jewelry that has a clasp, it should be unfastened, and only fastened after being put on. Ensure that the jewelry is securely fastened and will not fall off while you are wearing it.
5. We recommend fastening and unfastening minimalist jewelry very gently, taking into account their small connecting parts and thin chains, which can be damaged or break due to careless handling.
6. Do not wear jewelry while doing household chores, sleeping, in the sauna, swimming pool, bath, or shower. Chlorine, detergents, oils, creams, perfumes, makeup, and hair spray can negatively affect the surface of the jewelry’s precious metal and amber, contributing to the wear and tear of the strings.