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jewelry renewal

How to renew MONDRI jewelry?

1. Re-threading bracelets and necklaces

The thread used for stringing bracelets and necklaces is special, designed for stringing pearls, amber, and other minerals. Its strength and properties are sufficient for such design pieces; however, frequent wearing and wetting of the jewelry can lead to wear and tear, making re-threading advisable. It is recommended to re-thread all types of necklaces, not just those made of pearls or other minerals, but also amber. So, if you notice that the thread of your jewelry has stretched or worn out, we recommend using our re-threading service. The price for jewelry re-threading depends on the length of the bracelet or necklace.

2. Cleaning of precious metals

If the precious metals of your jewelry has become extremely oxidized and cannot be cleaned with a maintenance cloth, we recommend bringing the jewelry to us for cleaning. The price for jewelry cleaning depends on the type of jewelry and the quantity of pieces.