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Precious metals

MONDRI high-quality amber jewelry uses 925 sterling silver for our silver amber jewelry collections, 24-karat gold vermeil-plated silver, and high-quality Baltic amber. The fine amber jewelry details are gilded with 24-karat gold in a thick 4-micron layer (rings are gilded with a 10-micron layer). Such gold vermeil gilding looks excellent and remains unchanged even when wearing the amber gold vermeil jewelry daily for many years. MONDRI’s responsibility mark is registered with the Lithuanian Assay Office, so all our amber jewelry made using precious metals is hallmarked and marked with the registered responsibility mark.

Handmade amber jewelry

Every piece of amber used in our modern jewelry is carefully hand-selected. We manufacture our Baltic amber jewelry in small series, distinguished by their exceptional quality, with some designer amber jewelry made from rare, unique amber pieces. The amber stone used in our amber jewelry impresses with a variety of colors and shades: you can choose from dark—greenish, grey, or black amber, classic yellow/honey shades (brought to life in our unique yelow amber jewelry and honey amber jewelry collections), dark red amber (also known as “cherry amber”), multi-colored faceted amber, and the less common scenic and white amber across a wide variety of our high-quality amber jewelry collections.

Exclusive amber jewelry

Different amber processing techniques have allowed us to create various fine amber jewelry collections, some evoking a sense of naturalness, others, on the contrary, imparting a special luxury. For our clients, we offer high quality, unique amber jewelry, into which we put all our professionalism and heart.