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MONDRI is an amber jewelry brand that has redefined the beauty of amber through modern amber jewelry collections. We create unique, modern, and lasting value handmade amber jewelry pieces with genuine amber. Our amber stone jewelry, born in Lithuania, uses 925 sterling silver, 24k gold vermeil-plated silver and high-quality Baltic amber – essential ingredients in amber fine jewelry. We pay great attention to every stage of real amber jewelry production to deliver high-quality amber jewelry to our customers: from selecting pieces of unique amber to processing amber and silver until the final form of the unique amber jewelry. Our Lithuanian amber jewelry products are the result of meticulous handmade craftsmanship, showcasing the distinct beauty of Baltic amber.


Since its launch in 2015, the Baltic amber jewelry brand began its activity very naturally – from a jewelry designer’s simple desire to create beautiful, functional, and contemporary real amber jewelry pieces. Amber, due to its versatile processing possibilities and color play, proved to be a suitable and interesting material for amber stone fashion jewelry making. Today, the knowledge acquired by the MONDRI team allows not only the creation of high-quality amber jewelry that meets high standards but also a pleasant customer experience. A meticulously packaged piece of modern amber jewelry, a neatly tied ribbon, a handwritten card – every detail is thoughtfully considered so that MONDRI clients feel our exceptional attention. Each positive feedback and returning customer encourages us to improve and continue growing our luxury amber jewelry brand.


MONDRI creates unique amber jewelry that is not only beautiful and modern but also versatile, suitable for both everyday wear and festive occasions, and easily paired with other accessories. We aim to ensure that the Baltic amber used in our minimalist jewelry, as a national treasure, is not forgotten. On the contrary, it should be reimagined, bringing joy and adornment to both our countrymen and foreigners.


In creating authentic amber jewelry designs, we strive to contribute to the idea of sustainability and reducing consumption. Therefore, each piece of amber is used with utmost responsibility, and by combining various MONDRI products, one can create diverse, sometimes unexpected, jewelry combinations. Just a few MONDRI pieces are enough to create different amber jewelry set looks. We believe that everyone who experiences MONDRI minimalist jewelry will appreciate its coziness, comfort, and subtly thoughtful design solutions. A wide range and possibilities for combining and coordinating amber design jewelry allow for the creation of a unique image.