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How to choose the right jewelry for the holidays?


How to choose the right jewelry for the holidays?

Major life events—weddings, birthdays, christenings—bring with them parties, events, and gatherings. During these, everyone wants to look even more charming and special. Amidst a plethora of fancy clothes and bright accessories, how do you create a festive style that allows you to shine during the evening? The best choice is to pick one highlight that will be the “pin” of your image. It could be an intricate hairstyle, bold makeup, or, of course, evening jewelry.

Festive style: focus on jewelry

Evening jewelry perfectly complements every outfit combination and completes the final festive image. With a brighter, more luxurious evening dress or suit, pair more delicate jewelry like delicate ring or delicate earrings, but limit the quantity. Conversely, if your outfit is modest, don’t be afraid to stand out with slightly larger accessory options (think large amber pendant, for example).

Envision this: elegant, sparkling amber gold vermeil or silver jewelry paired with a plain, single-colored dress. This creates a harmonious yet shining evening image. Pay attention not only to the proportions of the jewelry but also to the amount needed for a particular outfit combination.

A couple of tastefully selected and stylishly matched accents will look more elegant than a multitude of various jewelry pieces. For instance, dangling silver earrings and a modern amber ring would suit a shoulder-revealing dress or a plain blouse, while bright necklaces and chunky pendants are suitable for outfits with deep necklines.

Jewelry for the biggest celebrations of the year

On the most important occasions of life, every woman wants to stand out and look extraordinary. However, different celebrations call for different jewelry. How to choose them properly? Wedding bridal jewelry is especially important for completing the final image of the bride. Uniqueness and distinction for the bride would be provided by handmade wedding jewelry. Delicate wedding earrings or a delicate necklace paired with a refined dress will create an elegant and festive image.

It’s important to remember that on such a day, the bride should radiate gentleness, subtlety, and should not become a queen of glitter. Therefore, one of the main rules for jewelry set for wedding is subtlety. The idea of minimalism should also be remembered when talking about jewelry for christenings.

This celebration is very gentle and touching, surrounded by calm, pastel colors, so during it, attention should be paid to more delicate, minimalist-style accessories. Think classic-style neck jewelry or gold vermeil or silver earrings that can create a very delicate and modest image.

And if you are preparing for a boisterous birthday party, don’t be afraid to look brighter! Shine in your sparkling, long earrings, expressive duo rings, a distinctive multi-strand bracelet, or multi-strand necklace. You can mix and match jewelry too. You will look original with a double necklace or a combination of a longer necklace and a chain on the neck.

MONDRI high-quality amber jewelry to fulfill your festive image

It’s well known that amber jewelry pieces in gold and silver help create a luxurious image. However, MONDRI handmade amber jewelry offers a different solution—refined and modern jewelry with precious metals and Baltic amber (e.g., amber and silver, amber and 24k gold vermeil). Modern amber jewelry will add aesthetics, warmth, and subtlety to every image, and MONDRI, for all women who love to dress up, will help discover the pearls most suitable for their festive style (e.g., silver amber jewelry, amber gold vermeil jewelry).

And remember…
…holidays love sparkle. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with your image. However, it’s worth remembering that even during the biggest celebrations of the year, the golden rule applies—less is more. So, your festive style should remain uncluttered. Don’t overdecorate and overshadow what is already eye-catching. But most importantly, amidst all the glitters and bubbles, stay true to yourself and your real desires. You will surely shine!

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