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Gifts for business partners, clients, and employees: what and when to gift?


Gifts for business partners, clients, and employees: what and when to gift?

Corporate gifts for partners, clients, or employees are a pleasant gesture, demonstrating that the person is particularly important to you. The reasons behind business gifts are numerous: strengthening your relationship by giving attention on a business companion’s birthday, on the anniversary of the company’s founding, upon signing a significant contract, or when congratulating important individuals on business development or promotions. Also, you should think about business gifts when receiving guests from abroad or when visiting them.

It’s important not to forget the company’s employees, who would greatly appreciate being congratulated during Christmas and New Year’s. The search for gifts often leads to great confusion. So, what should we give as unique corporate gifts to partners, clients, and employees?

Selecting the ideal business gift

You will likely agree that the chosen gift speaks volumes about what you think of the person and your relationship. Giving gifts on special occasions can strengthen relationships. The question remains: how to choose the right business gift?

First, consider selecting a meaningful and enduring gift, embracing the essential practice of reduced consumption as a positive step towards planet preservation. The gift should not gather dust on a shelf or be quickly consumed. Choose gifts that are used daily. Another important aspect is to show respect and attention to your partner by choosing something that reflects the highest quality. What gift would meet all these criteria?

Our suggestion – Baltic amber jewelry. This unique gift is authentic and represents our country. Baltic amber jewelry can look modern and be adapted for any outfit and occasion. MONDRI, an amber jewelry brand, creates handmade amber jewelry from precious metals and Baltic amber making them an original and personalized corporate gift choice. MONDRI has transformed the traditional design of amber jewelry into modern amber jewelry suitable for individuals of various ages. Each piece of used amber holds a unique story and, carefully crafted, creates an elegantly exuding piece.

Unique gifts for her & him: what business gifts to give to men and women?

MONDRI range includes men’s amber jewelry and women’s amber jewelry. We make baltic amber bracelets (amber bracelets for men and amber bracelets for women), pendants, luxurious amber cufflinks, amber earrings, amber necklaces, amber rings and beads.

One of the most practical gifts – amber bracelets for men and amber bracelets for women or a classic style amber necklace for a unique gift for women. For personalized gifts, we offer engraved jewelry pieces, where we can immortalize a significant date, word, or company slogan.

graviruoti papuošalai paauksuotos sąsagos su baltu gintaru

Special notre for women’s business gifts. Everyone will agree that a woman and jewelry are an inseparable duo. What jewelry would be most suitable for a unique gift for women? Amber earrings are great choice when you need more than one gift, but your budget is limited.

For unique Christmas gifts (or New Year surprise delights), you will certainly surprise your employees with minimalist stud earrings (although it is important to ensure that the woman wears earrings). These can become a practical business gift for any occasion. Of course, it may happen that you meet a business partner for the first time. In this case, the safest option would be a classic-style amber pendant necklace.

It’s worth mentioning what jewelry gifts would not be suitable for business clients: rings and bracelets (as having their size adjusted can be tricky). However, if you decide to gift a bracelet, MONDRI offers adjustable length amber bracelets.

Unique gifts for men: what men’s jewelry fits as a business gift and how can men’s amber jewelry come into play? 925 sterling silver cufflinks or 24k gold vermeil cufflinks are solid and thoughtful business gift choices. One of the most subtle and popular business gifts from the men’s jewelry collection—luxurious amber cufflinks for men (engraved cufflinks for an extra personal touch).

Another amber jewelry for men idea: men’s amber bracelet! A MONDRI black amber bracelet can be an essential stylish accent. Black is a color of elegance that goes with everything.

Gift packaging: an important detail

MONDRI amber products are carefully packaged, making them ready for gifting. Our amber jewelry is packed in elegant boxes and placed in MONDRI gift bags. Each piece comes with a leaflet about amber and the MONDRI brand, jewelry care, warranty (in both Lithuanian and English), and a care cloth. The provided care cloth helps maintain the jewelry’s beauty, aiming to give you lasting joy.

Whether buying jewelry online or in our physical amber jewelry store in Vilnius, we pay special attention to the packaging of each item, ensuring you don’t have to worry about additional expenses for a stylish gift presentation. We assure you, the right and luxurious business gifts are key to further success—let your partner or client feel valued (think about amber gemstone jewelry, for example).

A business gift that creates lasting value

Why choose quickly consumable gifts when you can leave a lasting impression with luxury amber jewelry as corporate gifts? Opt for Lithuanian amber jewelry as your choice for business gifts, representing our country. In a world where sustainability is a necessity, opting for amber jewelry as a gift reflects both enduring value and a commitment to long-term relationships, underlining respect and care for our planet. We are confident that even the most discerning partner will appreciate this thoughtful choice!

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