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Minimalist jewelry for everyday: 4 tips to choose right


Minimalist jewelry for everyday: 4 tips to choose right

It’s hard to argue that stylish accessories with interesting designs catch our eye not only in stores but also online. It’s no wonder we often buy new earrings, rings, or other jewelry quicker than we think about what outfits they’ll go with.

To make sure that the jewelry you pick is worn more often than it sits in a box isn’t always easy. Here are four tips to help you solve this small but significant dilemma for every woman.

1. Consider your style

To ensure that necklaces, bracelets, and rings enhance your daily image rather than just filling drawers, ask yourself—is this my style? Look at the prevailing clothing models and styles in your wardrobe, then it will be easier to decide which jewelry is right for everyday wear.

For example, if your wardrobe is full of high-neck sweaters and blouses, necklaces might not be the accessory you need. Conversely, if you have many clothes with an open neckline, a minimalist necklace could become a daily highlight.

Perhaps the most versatile piece of jewelry you can wear with almost any outfit is minimalist earrings. So, without much thought, you can always choose minimalist studs. We recommend having at least two pairs of such minimal earrings, which you can alternate and boldly match with your daily image.

2. Consider the jewelry you already own

One of the easiest ways to decide whether newly seen jewelry could become your everyday accessories is to evaluate how similar they are to what you already own. A sterling silver bracelet, silver pendant necklace, or minimalist silver earrings will likely match if your jewelry box is already full of silver jewelry.

However, if most of your jewelry is gold, we recommend continuing to look in that direction. This doesn’t mean always choosing the same type of jewelry. But it’s unlikely that massive pendants and long necklaces will become your favorite everyday accessories if you haven’t worn them before.

Start with a style that’s acceptable to you. Lighter, less challenging, minimalist jewelry design is a great choice for everyday wear. For example, if you have small stud earrings, you can easily pair them with a short everyday necklace, everyday bracelet, or everyday earrings of the same precious metal. You can wear the jewelry separately or combine it with minimalist stud earrings you already have.

minimalistins koljė ir auskarų rinkinys su sidabru ir vyšniniu gintaru merlot

3. Consider comfort

It’s no secret that modern jewelry design often catches our eye regardless of comfort and practicality. The truth is that for everyday wear, especially living an active lifestyle—moving a lot during the day, exercising—you want accessories that are lightweight, small, and barely noticeable on the body (think minimalist silver earrings, amber and silver bracelet, or minimalist lariat necklace).

For those who want to adorn themselves but also feel comfortable, we suggest choosing subtle design delicate bracelet, a short delicate necklace with a small pendant (e.g., sterling silver pendants), or delicate earrings. Such jewelry will complement both classic and modern clothing styles without hindering movement or everyday tasks.

4. Don’t forget subtlety

Often, there’s a misconception that comfortable and practical, unobtrusive minimalist jewelry for everyday wear will look simply boring. This is a mistaken thought. Exceptionally stylish can be your image created with discreet, modern minimalist jewelry (whether those are minimalist jewelry earrings or sterling silver bracelets).

In the MONDRI modern amber jewelry assortment, you will find a wide selection of minimalist jewelry. MONDRI jewelry is thought through to the smallest details in the creative process, allowing its design to be practical, but far from boring.

Small, delicately designed sterling silver minimalist ring has become one of our most popular jewelry pieces. For example, minimalist flat or slightly raised cabochon-style minimal ring is especially appreciated by fans of a discreet style. These rings are very practical and easily combined every day. Due to their comfort and delicacy, they are sometimes chosen as alternative engagement rings (envision a graceful Baltic amber engagement ring).

Women who like a slightly brighter image will find in our range a whole collection of 24k gold vermeil-plated silver and amber jewelry. For those wanting a bolder accent, we recommend choosing gold-plated black amber jewelry. Black is a classic color that is very easy to match. And the 24k vermeil gold color will add warmth and coziness to the image.

MONDRI minimalist earrings are a classic that’s hard to resist. Small, non-obligatory style sterling silver minimalist earrings are perfect for spending time at home, exercising, or working.

You’ll be surprised how versatile an everyday purchased piece of minimal jewelry (be it an amber silver bracelet or minimalist drop earrings) can be if you buy it considering your style, comfort, and practicality.

Discover your everyday image with MONDRI – subtle and elegant jewelry (whether it’s your favorite elegant earrings or a go-to minimalist bracelet) that add charm and even more self-confidence.

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