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Everything you need to know about amber

About amber

Everything you need to know about amber

Amber, often hailed as the mystical Baltic gold or fragments of the sun, embodies a wealth of legends and myths. Let’s delve into the world of amber, exploring its essence and the artistry it embodies in jewelry.

Understanding amber

At its core, amber is fossilized conifer sap that has solidified over millions of years. Though references to this organic gemstone date back to ancient times, its scientific elucidation occurred in the 19th century. Formerly shrouded in myths, amber’s formation process became clear – vast conifer forests, in warm climates, released abundant sap. Flowing onto the ground, it mingled with soil, eventually solidifying.

Water carried these solidified sap pieces into the sea, undergoing intricate transformations, ultimately giving rise to the Baltic amber we recognize today. Fascinatingly, amber sometimes entrapped insects or plant fragments, preserving them as inclusions, invaluable to scientists.

Varieties of amber

While golden Baltic amber is most familiar, amber exhibits a captivating spectrum.

Classifications include yellow, white, black, and even blue amber, the rarest found primarily in the Dominican Republic.

White amber, reminiscent of ivory, holds historical allure and remains a symbol of luxury. Although amber is found on all continents except Antarctica, Baltic amber remains one of the most special varieties. In the realm of jewelry, especially in MONDRI’s GEOMETRIC AMBER collection, this exceptional white amber finds its exquisite expression.

Notably, Baltic amber, formed approximately 50 million years ago, stands out for its high succinic acid content.

Black amber

Black amber is a type of amber distinguished by its color. Unlike the commonly known honey or golden hues of amber, this variety is dark because the fossilized resins are richly mixed with particles from coniferous trees or other plant materials.

Black amber can be considered one of the most controversial types of this mineral due to its unusual color, sparking much debate. Typically, this amber is not purely black; when held up to the light, it appears dark red, green, or brown. Because of this, there are those who disagree with such a naming convention and deny the existence of black-colored amber altogether. Nonetheless, black amber remains invaluable in jewelry making. Jewelry crafted from it radiates luxury and sophistication, perfectly complementing a classic look. The jewelry assortment in the BLACK AMBER collection subtly reveals the natural beauty and luxury of this amber.

Amber properties

Amber, an organic mineral, is distinguished by its exceptional physical and therapeutic properties. While many associate amber with its honey or golden hues, as revealed through black amber, this mineral indeed showcases a diversity of colors and shades.

Amber also varies in shapes. Finding a completely uniform and smooth piece of amber would be a challenge. As sap flowed from trees and later mixed with the soil and hardened, different impurities and varying amounts of them were embedded. The amount of sap released at any one time, as well as the influence of water when the hardened pieces were washed out of the ground, also affected its shape. Thus, amber can range from light yellow to dark red. It can be transparent or opaque, and come in various shapes. This property allows for the creation of stunning effects using different angles of light refraction. Jewelry craftsmen especially enjoy working with this feature of amber. By emphasizing, rather than eliminating it, they create true masterpieces.

The Healing touch of amber

Amber isn’t just a gemstone; it’s believed to promote well-being. Since ancient times, Baltic amber benefits have been embraced for its protective energy and therapeutic qualities. Modern wearers, especially those with thyroid concerns, find solace in its warmth and lightness while wearing yellow amber jewelry.

Amber’s gentle touch on the skin and its energetic resonance are said to imbue calmness, elevate mood, and instill inner strength.

In every facet, amber emerges as a timeless, natural wonder, intertwining ancient wisdom with contemporary elegance in our unique amber jewelry. Its enchanting allure, both in its raw form and within exquisite luxury amber jewelry pieces, continues to captivate generations, making it not just a gemstone but a cherished legacy of Earth’s history.

What is amber made from?

Because of its beauty and optical properties, amber is primarily envisioned as a material for jewelry. Indeed, this mineral is suitable for both magnificent necklaces and beautiful bracelets or delicate earrings. However, many other products are also made from amber.

Its healing properties are applied both in medicine and in cosmetics, so it can be found in both medical preparations and cosmetics.

Amber jewelry is reborn

It is not always enough to know what amber is and what its characteristics are, in order to truly understand the limitless possibilities of its application in modern jewelry. After all, amber is not just honey-yellow beads strung into a bracelet or necklace. Amber can also reveal itself in a modern way.

That is exactly what MONDRI does – it conveys the beauty and uniqueness of amber, valued since ancient times, in a modern way. Just as each piece of amber is unique in both its color range and shape, each MONDRI piece of jewelry is distinguished by its delicate and elegant jewelry design. Each piece is polished to perfection with love and is intended for people who value uniqueness and quality.

See how the natural beauty of amber and modernity intertwine in MONDRI jewelry!

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