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We believe that the values we follow are the key to the successful growth of the brand. We invite you to learn what the MONDRI team believes in.

Our customers are the foundation of our activity; they inspire us to create, strive, and improve. Therefore, we always aim to ensure that our customers have the best experience when choosing us. Pleasant communication, carefully packaged jewelry, or a handwritten postcard – every detail is thoughtfully considered so that MONDRI clients feel our exceptional attention.

The well-thought-out, modern design of MONDRI jewelry has newly revealed the beauty of amber and allowed us to gather a circle of loyal customers who appreciate our jewelry’s enduring value. We aim for the Baltic amber used in our jewelry pieces, as a national treasure, to delight and adorn both our countrymen and foreigners.

We create jewelry that meets high-quality standards, therefore we pay great attention to all stages of jewelry production: from selecting pieces of amber to processing silver and amber until the final form of the jewelry. Our products are the result of extremely meticulous handwork.

In designing jewelry, we aim to contribute to sustainability and the idea of reducing consumption. Therefore, every piece of amber is used very responsibly, and by employing several different MONDRI products, you can create various, sometimes unexpected, jewelry combinations. Our goal is to pursue quality and change the perspective on jewelry. We believe that a few, quality, matching accessories can be all you need to create your style.